UMW Corner

The United Methodist Women held their monthly meeting on Wednesday evening, August 9thRuth Ann Ford served as hostess and Brenda Hanna doubled as president and program leader after we ate refreshments.  Treasurer Ann Arebalo reported that we gave $100 to our VBS.  In addition, 207 pounds of noodles were made (120 bags are provided for the Liberty Union School booth at the Fairfield County Fair).  We appreciate all those who helped make the noodles.  It was great to see so many very young workers help and even enjoy the work!  Our balance at this time is $1,177.12.  

It is a blessing for us to provide meals after funerals.    We never charge for doing that, but the Woolever, Locke and Bower families gave generous donations.  Several women attended the Galilean service and potluck at the Infirmary Park on August 10th.


We finished planning for the UMW Mission Sunday.    Dan and Peggy Zimmerman were our speakers for both services.  We were blessed to hear what they do to reach Spanish speaking people in the Columbus area having Bible studies after giving English lessons.  Souls are being won to Christ because of their efforts. We have the privilege of praying for this ministry and gave $100 to the Zimmermans.


The Mission recipients for this year are Jackie and Vernon Brown who've given many hours of their time serving the Lord and our congregation in many ways.  Be sure to let them know that you appreciate their service.


It was the 100th anniversary of Stoutsville Camp and Rhonda Miller reported that, as usual, the services were great.  The highlight of their time there was the fact that her granddaughter accepted Christ!  Those who donated food, paper goods or money are to be blessed.


Our annual Women & Girls Banquet will be on October 19th at 6:30.  Be prepared to enjoy delicious food and a fun program.  Dana Lochard will be accepting paid reservations.  Watch the bulletin for more details.


Brenda's program theme was "The Gift of Prayer" and reminded us of the blessings we enjoy by talking with God.  Rhonda led us in our prayer time. There are many on our list who need our prayers.


Our next meeting will be September 14th at 7:30.  We invite all women in our church to join us and help us accomplish our many goals and enjoy the fellowship that we always have.  Our hostess will be Linda Wilson and Ruth Ann Ford will have the program.