Stoutsville Camp Report

by Rhonda Miller What a great time we had at Stoutsville Church Camp this year!  Inspiring speakers, motivating videos, and lots of time to spend in fellowship with other campers.


With the help of several people, we were able to have the cabin open both weeks of camp from Tuesday, July 18th through Friday, July 28th.  Many thanks to the people who went down to clean the cabin on the Saturday before camp.  Plus many thanks to everyone who donated food, supplies, and their time.


Thirteen people came down and spent time at the New Zion cabin.  Eight people stayed overnight, we had 2 children and 6 adults.  One of the children accepted Christ while at Stoutsville this year!!  Praise God for the moving of his Holy Spirit at camp!


There were many activities to celebrate the 100-year anniversary including a concert by the Gospel Harmony Boys.


Morning Bible study from the First Epistle of John

Dr. Campbell gave us a detailed breakdown verse by verse.  I am still amazed at all that I learned from his teaching!


Afternoon:  “Goliath MUST Fall”

While the children attended a Bible School in the Children’s Tabernacle, the adults watched and discussed a very interesting video from Louie Giglio called “Goliath MUST Fall”  Using 1 Samuel 17, Louie explained how we need to have Jesus bring down the Goliaths in our lives.  It is not God’s will for us to have giants in our lives to demoralize us and steal God’s glory from us.  Some of the “giants” that Louie discussed made perfect sense to us-- like anger, fear, rejection, and addictions.  But the giant of “comfort” really made me sit up and take note!


The giant of “comfort” is a sneaky giant.  When was a time when you had to put aside personal comfort in order to do something God asked you to do?  The Christian life is not a spectator sport.  It’s not about sitting in a comfortable church celebrating a Savior who led an uncomfortable life.  Jesus did not come to live an easy life and retire in luxury.  He came to fulfill a purpose, and he calls us to fulfill the mission that he gave to us.  Can you see any areas in which your desire for comfort is limiting what you might do for God?  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Remember the man with the many barns who was going to “retire” in luxury?  Don’t live in ease saying you’ll serve God later in your life.  God will accomplish his plans one way or another, yet God is inviting you to be part of his plans.  It won’t always be comfortable.  It won’t always be easy.  Yet if you move in faith, God will always breathe life on your journey.  - Louie Giglio


Evening Services with guest speakers from around the country


We heard some of the best preaching ever from people like Roy Lauter, Aaron Holley, Tom Hermiz, and Tim Burden.  A couple quotes below:



Desperation implies that

I’ve come to the end of my road. 

But greatness is most often achieved

in moments of desperation

because it’s at the end of our ability

that God gets to show off HIS! 

-- Aaron Holley


We stopped being fishers of men

and became keepers of the aquarium.” 

--Aaron Holley