August Men's Moment

During New Zion’s VBS entitled, Hero Central the church was filled with heroes who wanted to learn what being a hero for God was all about. The Bible stories about heroes were from the Old Testament and the New. The children learned about: “Heart – David, Courage – Abigail, Wisdom – Jesus, Hope – Beatitudes, Power – Holy Spirit.”I’m glad I was able to participate in Bible School, be-cause in the past, I basically babysat the grandkids who were not old enough to attend. This year would be the first year when I wouldn’t have to do that be-cause the youngest would be four and could attend. Plan A was forming in my mind about having a morn-ing free to do whatever. Two weeks before VBS, I was asked to fill in for the regular Bible Story teacher who realized she had a conflict during the week of VBS. I sensed a “tugging” at my heart, and so I said I would do it. Plan B was now in effect. I learned along with the children what a hero for the Lord should be. (All of the above.) The question, have you ever thought of Jesus as a “Super Hero?” He doesn’t have a utility belt filled with weapons or other crime fighting machines, but He does have the following:

Cloaked his true nature to appear as a human (Philippians 2:6-7) Altered the chemical composition of natural elements (John 2:7-9) Controlled the weather (Mark 4:37-39) Used special vision to see a person at an impossible distance (John 1:45-50) Met his archenemy face-to-face and defeated him (Matthew 4:1-11) Moved between the physical and metaphysical realms at will (Matthew 17:1-3) Proved that it was impossible for anyone to truly kill him (1 Corinthians 15:20-25) Created something from nothing (Colossians 1:16) Looked inside people to see what they were thinking (Luke 6:7-8) Demonstrated mental power over animals (Mark 5:11-13) Could totally restore the physical capabilities of a person (John 5:1-9) Defied the laws of gravity (Matt.14:25-26) When we watch a super-hero movie, they fight and defeat evil by the time the movie ends. In real life, we need Jesus, Mighty God, who came as Immanuel (God in the flesh) who illuminates our path and liberates us from our desperate situation. Jesus is our Savior, our mighty hero. Is He your hero?

Bob Wilson