UMW Corner

Dolores Stuhmer was the hostess for our March meeting. Our meeting time always begins by enjoying delicious refreshments. This month before our business meeting began, Ruth Ann Ford had the program following up on last month's program concerning the needs of women and children here and around the world. We don't need to go farther than Columbus, Ohio to find an organization that is actively involved in meeting the needs of women and young children in our area. President Brenda Hanna conducted the business. Our February Soup & Sandwich Lunch benefiting the Powers’ mission work brought donations amounting to $673. Our March Soup & Sandwich Lunch will benefit the church camp program.

Treasurer Ann Arebalo reported a March balance of $874.52.

Plans were completed for the Men & Boys Banquet to be held on March 14th. We appreciate Ann Arebalo heading this up and Rhonda Miller planning a fun program.

Rhonda also gave the reading program update and led our prayer concerns assigning new prayer partners. Many in our church family are in need of our prayers. 

The date will be set soon for our UMW Mission Sunday. We'd like for Linda Crouse to speak about her week in Florida when she was one of many who were there to evangelize to other college students who were on their spring break on the beach.

Our April meeting will be held on April 6th since our regular meeting date would fall on Maundy Thursday. We're hoping that Giorgi Esaiashvili will be able to speak to us. We invite all in our congregation to come and hear him, men too, and enjoy refreshments. Giorgi is the foreign exchange student living with the Stuhmers.

We appreciate our men being willing to serve the Easter breakfast again this year.