5th Quarter Sign-Up

by Margo Bader, outreach ministries coordinator  

September 30th

Baltimore United Methodist Church hosts the gathering of middle and high school students after each LU football game 9–10:30 p.m.  Help is needed to keep this outreach a safe place that kids can meet friends after the game. Good Neighbors in the Village has agreed to assist Baltimore UMC.


New Zion UMC will be chaperoning and providing cookies on September 30th.


What is needed? 

COOKIES can be baked and donated.  The kids love cookies and the more we can provide the better.  Any unused cookies can be frozen.  Bring your cookies to the church kitchen.  Mark as cookies for 5th Quarter and they will be delivered to the church.

HELPERS:  6 adults are needed to help serve as chaperones on September 30th.  2 gentlemen are to be included as part of the 6 workers.  The Baltimore police stand by each time in support of this program.


New Zion has donated $200 towards the purchase of pizza for the evening.  This is part of our Missional Outreach giving.