Exchange Student

by Pastor Rick Stuhmer giorgi on a rock cropped.jpgPastor Rick & Dolores are expecting again.  This time it is a 16-year-old boy from Georgia, the country.  Georgia is north of Turkey, east of the Black Sea, and is located in the Caucasus Mountains.  His name is Giorgi Esaiashvili.  He lives with his grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, and his 8-year-old brother.  He comes from a town of about 12,500 people about 36 miles east of Tbilisi, the capital and largest city in Georgia.


Giorgi has a love for life and makes quick friends.  He is a young man that has been blessed with many gifts.  Communication is one of those gifts.  Music is another.  He plays the classical guitar and sings.  He also is learning the piano.  Another interest of his is art.  He draws and paints.  He is also a dedicated student.  Nature, hiking, photography, bicycling, a variety of music, and movies are some of his interests.  He also enjoys playing soccer and looks forward to playing for Liberty Union.  Giorgi is a lifelong learner who wants to improve his skills and develop into an educated and responsible citizen.


As the time draws closer, Pastor Rick will let you know when he will arrive.  Pastor Rick and Dolores are excited to meet Giorgi and to have him to be part of their family.  As a part of their family, you’ll get to meet him and make friends.  He also will be helping out by volunteering in the church and the community.