UMW Corner

UMW logo by Ruth Ann Ford, news reporter

As usual, our UMW women enjoy giving the men and boys a night to enjoy great food and good entertainment.  We appreciated Ann Arebalo and Joanne Miller heading this up.  Thirty-six were served by nine helpers.  Each table was decorated with puzzles that could be put together before and after their meal.   Hand clappers were also on the tables.  The women received a very noisy appreciation for their efforts with the men and boys using the hand clappers.

Rhonda Miller prepared an entertaining program based on game shows like Family Feud.  The results created much laughter, so maybe for an hour or two the bad news of the day was forgotten.  Thanks to all who helped make this evening a success.

Our next meeting will be on May 12th at 7:30 in the Sunrise room.  We welcome any and all women in our church family to join us to learn more about missions and the role that women play in spreading God's work here and around the world.  (We always enjoy delicious refreshments to get our evening off to a good start.)