UMW Corner

by Terryann McCoy

On August 8th, 11 women gathered to celebrate 150 years of women in mission.  Linda Wilson was hostess.  She provided a lovely table of refreshments.  Rhonda Miller added a decorated ice cream birthday cake as a surprise.

Rhonda led the program celebrating the 150 years of UMW.  She shared highlights about women in mission since March 23, 1869, when several women decided to send a doctor to India as a missionary.  Other members read about other events.  Highlights included efforts to distribute books, provide education, work for racial justice, care for children, and develop relationships with people in community.  Women are always important in mission work, especially those missions committed to women and children.  Rhonda challenged everyone to answer, “What have I done to support mission?”

The UMW group has been busy this summer.  They made 160 pounds of noodles in July.  June 30th, they organized the welcome luncheon for Pastor Jeff and Kathy Smalley.  August 4th was UMW Sunday with Claudine Leary as guest speaker about Watoto Read.  Everyone was so happy that Ruth Ann Ford was able to attend church that day.

Upcoming events are: 

· District Annual Day

      Saturday, September 21st

      Scioto Ridge UMC

· Women and Girls Banquet

      Thursday, October 24th

      6:30 p.m. 

Next meeting:      September 12, 2019 at 3 p.m. at the church

Hostess:     Jerri Wilson

Guest Speaker:     Lori Riddle, McCurdy Ministries 


Come join in!

Karen Horn