Men's Moments

by Bob Wilson

Fifty years is a long time to look back and try to remember things that took place in our lives.  Some major events are easier to remember than others.  The moon landing was one of them.  I, like so many others, know where I was when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the surface and spoke those familiar words, That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!  I watched it in my parent’s living room on our television.  I was 25 at the time and didn’t realize the significance of it then.  Today, our technology allows us to see how antiquated our systems were then, and still, we accomplished something that seemed impossible.

Something else that happened that same year was a three-day celebration of peace and love called “Woodstock.”  Fifty years ago, hundreds of thousands of young Americans descended on Max Yasgur’s farm to take a stand against the Vietnam War in particular and authority in general.  They called themselves the “counterculture.”  A lot of famous bands at the time and some that weren’t so famous appeared on stage and played.  It was described as a time of “peace and love.”  Every now and then I still hear someone play a song that was popular back then.  Some people say that what happened then is still relevant now.  I had returned to the “states” in 1967 from Vietnam, so I wasn’t too sympathetic to their cause.  

I know that everyone wants peace in the world, but the Bible says it starts in a person’s own heart.  Someone described peace in the world as Russian nesting dolls.  As you take the top doll off you reveal a smaller one and so on until you finally get to the smallest doll on the inside.  The same is true for true peace.  To get peace in the world, you need peace in nations.  To get peace in nations, you need peace in governments.  To get peace in governments, you need peace in cities.  To get peace in cities, you need peace in neighborhoods.  To get peace in neighborhoods, you need peace in families.  To get peace in families, you need peace in individuals. 

The peace we are talking about is the peace that only Jesus can bring.  Jesus’ peace brings love instead of hate, compassion instead of animosity, and understanding instead of turning away.  With Jesus in our hearts, we begin to take on his nature through the Holy Spirit.  So, give peace a chance, Jesus’ peace that is.

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