by Margo Bader

The Baltimore United Methodist Church on Market Street hosts the gathering of Middle and High School students after each LU home football game from 9-10:30 p.m.  Help is needed from area churches to keep this outreach a safe place where kids can meet friends after the game. 

New Zion has volunteered to help host after the home game on Friday, September 20th. 

Here’s what we need:

Helpers:  6 adults (3 men for outdoors, 3 women serving pizza) are needed to help chaperone kids and serve pizza.  The men are needed to chaperone students outside.  The Baltimore police assist in the outdoor chaperoning. 

Cookies: (as many as possible) The kids love the homemade cookies and consume a lot of cookies.  Sign-up sheets will be posted for cookie donations.  Please bring your cookies to church any time prior to the event.  They can be frozen or refrigerated.  Mark cookies “5th Quarter”.  Cookies will be picked up Friday afternoon. 

If you are able to volunteer, please contact Margo Bader

(740) 503-5746.


Karen Horn