Note from Nathan

by Nathan Crook, Leadership Team, Trustee

I would like to start by expressing my great thanks to all of you. Without each person who supports the ministries of New Zion in their continued prayers, time, and generous giving we would not be where we are today. In this last year we have accomplished many things, some have been quite momentous, and others have been less obvious, but just as important in the work of God through our congregation. I pray that each of you will continue to support our church so that we may continue God’s work in our community.

We are beginning a time of discernment in our church about our direction and focus. The Leadership Team is undertaking the work of prayerfully answering the Seven Missional Questions posed by our Conference to every United Methodist church. These questions have led to passionate discussion about our ministries, our focus, and our future. I would like to ask each of you to join us in praying for all the members of the Leadership Team as we seek God’s direction for our congregation moving forward.

We will also need your support this year to accomplish the regular tasks of church maintenance. As you are aware, New Zion has a significant area of flower beds and landscaping that must be cared for during the warmer months. While our wonderful volunteers care for what they can, there is always more that needs done. We will need several people to help with easy tasks around the church, things like weeding a flower bed, watering the garden areas, and trimming bushes. These are easy tasks that can be accomplished on a schedule that works well for you. If you would like to volunteer for a task, please sign up on the sheet that will be posted by the back door.

Another item of maintenance. The cabin at Stoutsville needs repair this year and will require a new roof. This is an expensive proposition and we are seeking donations to help offset the cost. In addition, the system at the Stoutsville campground to deliver gas to all the cabins has been disconnected and will not be replaced. This will require us to provide a new stove and propane tank to cook with this year.

I will close by asking each of you to keep our local church and the worldwide church in your prayers. Please pray that God will provide direction and insight to our Leadership Team as we continue to discern God’s will in our lives and in our church.

Your Brother in Christ

Karen Horn